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All 60 slots are full, so see you guys this April.


Yes, you read it right.

Only 60 spots available for all categories. For more information head on over to the bigtime site here.

And with that many prizes to be won, you gotta be crazy not to join this.

Entry forms are out tonight! Be quick.


Put your head down and go on and on and on.

Wightset! Team Jersey by duraath

Solid stuff from solid brothers down south.

For more information head on over to

If you guys have been to the recent KLIFGT 2011 a few weeks back, you might have noticed some smooth cats sporting this one of a kind t-shirt. Well, due to popular demands, we’ve made a few of them available over at Grafa. So, if you haven’t gotten your’s yet, make a bee line to Grafa and demand them to sell it to you!

Each t-shirt is RM60. Sizes available XS, S, M, L. Quantities are limited. Email web[at]grafa-design[dot]com for availability of stock and size. Put the subject as RatsKL Pocket Tee.

And yes, they do post.

Thank you Steve for your vision, you will be sorely missed.

Ray and Faz are now in Bali, participating in the 100km ride. Wish them luck and pray for their safe return.

Sorry for the long pause. New stuff coming up!

photo courtesy of Rayyiu Radzi.

Watching how these guys have grown leaps and bounds (pun intended) with their skills, really give us goosebumps. Big ups to The Wild Dog Brigade.

This is Jaka by Meel Lao on vimeo.

P/S: Jaka was the guy that won first place in the bunny hop competition at MarchOhMarch.

Congratulations to all of the RatsKL family. We’ve conquered Singapore. It was totally a monumental effort, but we made it.

Thank you to Crank Arm Steady and to our other friends in Singapore for having us. It was fun to see riders from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore riding along the Singapore coast.

We’ll be uploading pictures (hopefully a video) of our excursion down south. For now, enjoy these pictures from BumAriffin (of CAS and MondaysOhMondays)

After a controversial decision in the Commonwealth games last month, Azizulhasni a.k.a the Pocke Rocket Man and Josiah Ng bounce back to win 1st and 2nd place in finals for the keirin events at Asian Games, Guangzhou China.

Keep up the good work guys! Malaysia Boleh!