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Remember when I said that April is gonna be a fun month? Well, here’s another event to look forward to. Brought to you by the good people of Village Bicycles, here’s BICYCLE SHORTS.

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April starts off with an awesome unveiling of the latest collaboration between Grafa and GRBK Classics. The party is gonna be at Grafa, Subang SS15 from 1pm till 6pm.

So once you’re done punking your kid sister on April Fool’s day, head on over to Grafa and get yourself a Ride Your City T-Shirt. Be quick though, there’s only gonna be 50 pieces on sale tomorrow (because every second counts).

Remember what people tell you about wine? The older you keep it, the better it taste? Same goes with memories. Here’s the long awaited edit of the 2010 edition of Tour of Singapore.

We heard that the crazy guys of CAS are gonna have another tour in 2012. Stay tuned.


If you still don’t know what’s going on, please head on over to the official Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament 2011 website and get the lowdown on the details of the event, the competition, the rules and regulations.

And it is confirmed that John Watson a.k.a Prolly, Rudy Melo, guys from Macaframa and many others are gonna be down in KL. Not to mention our brothers from Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan will be here as well.

Thanks to the organisers for making this happen.

Get your registration form here.

Did we mention that this is gonna be massive?

It’s finally here, Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament 2011. Free up your calendar this coming 11-12 November 2011 and head on over to Kuala Lumpur. For more information, visit the official website here.

For more info regarding exhibition and sponsorship opportunities , please call +603-03-7784 8180 / +603-7772 2144 / +6013-294 8700 (Melina / Ownn / Azrul) or email (Dame Events & Communication) / (Grafa) / (YellowBikeCompany)


photo by Rayyiu Radzi

Grafa Velo Grande went off without any major hitches. The crowd wasn’t as massive as the first Grafa time was out in Putrajaya, maybe the morning rain made most of the guys stay in, but the number of crowd certainly swelled up during the trick comp and it was off the hook.

The guys from Grafa and Rakan Muda pulled off a solid obstacle for the freestyle riders to shred on. Mad props to the Gremlin kids representing Putrajaya and also KL’s finest, WildDogs Brigade(WDB) , for showing up in force for the competitions. 

Jaka Indra of WDB came up tops for Freestyle and also the trackstand competition.

While Aaron from Eighthinch cleared the traffic cone with ease to take home the prize for the highest bunnyhop. He also came in second for the FGFS competition.

There were 3 competitions and with RM3000 worth of prizes, competition was tight and riders totally delivered. And we also had a night ride into neighborhoods of Putrajaya with close to a hundred participants. It was a small effort in making motorists aware that cyclists have the right of way on traffic as well.

Also a big thank you for Mr. Faizal Nordin (Apai) from the Youth and Sports Ministry(KBS) for helping us out as well.

List of winners and more pictures  after the jump.

Photos courtesy of Rayyiu Radzi, Najib Aziz, Wellen Chai, Ibnu Bara, Fio Alfian and others. (If we’ve used your picture and we did not credit it, drop a comment and we’ll include your name and link to your profile, website, portfolio in as well.)

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July has been a good month for the Grafa family. With three events back to back right before Ramadhan, it’s been a whirlwind week for the guys. Grafa Velo Grande will be the last installment of events for the guys before they take a slight break for the fasting month. This event is a collaboration together with the Youth and Sports Ministry and also Rakan Muda at Lorong Seni.

So please, head on over to Putrajaya this Saturday (30/07/2011) to get your hands on really good discounts on bike components, as well as participate in the trick comps lined up. So see you guys there!

Hey guys! Grafa will be organising their first ever swap meet this Monday (2nd May 2011/ ITS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!).

And you know what that means? Awesome stuff at awesome prices!

If  you have bike parts you wanna sell, bring it! If you have previously-loved clothes you wanna sell, bring it!

If you have junk that you think is worth selling, JUST BRING IT!

Oh, there’s gonna be some good barbecues and rides and stuff as well. So come on down to Grafa this Monday. And by the way, if you want primo space for you to sell your stuff, we suggest you come early. The swap meet starts at 2PM till late.

The guys at Grafa will be at Putrajaya for their first ever event with the Rakan Muda people from the Ministry of Sports and Youth this coming Saturday, 23 April 2011.

We will be there for most of the day, with a Putrajaya night ride planned from 8PM onwards. Please do drop by! More details over at Grafa’s page.

Here’s another huge upcoming event from our friends in Singapore.

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