photo by Rayyiu Radzi

Grafa Velo Grande went off without any major hitches. The crowd wasn’t as massive as the first Grafa time was out in Putrajaya, maybe the morning rain made most of the guys stay in, but the number of crowd certainly swelled up during the trick comp and it was off the hook.

The guys from Grafa and Rakan Muda pulled off a solid obstacle for the freestyle riders to shred on. Mad props to the Gremlin kids representing Putrajaya and also KL’s finest, WildDogs Brigade(WDB) , for showing up in force for the competitions. 

Jaka Indra of WDB came up tops for Freestyle and also the trackstand competition.

While Aaron from Eighthinch cleared the traffic cone with ease to take home the prize for the highest bunnyhop. He also came in second for the FGFS competition.

There were 3 competitions and with RM3000 worth of prizes, competition was tight and riders totally delivered. And we also had a night ride into neighborhoods of Putrajaya with close to a hundred participants. It was a small effort in making motorists aware that cyclists have the right of way on traffic as well.

Also a big thank you for Mr. Faizal Nordin (Apai) from the Youth and Sports Ministry(KBS) for helping us out as well.

List of winners and more pictures  after the jump.

Photos courtesy of Rayyiu Radzi, Najib Aziz, Wellen Chai, Ibnu Bara, Fio Alfian and others. (If we’ve used your picture and we did not credit it, drop a comment and we’ll include your name and link to your profile, website, portfolio in as well.)

Palie of Grafa with the judges and the participants together with their friends.

Fixed Gear Freestyle
1- Jaka Indra (WildDogs Brigade, KL)
2- Aaron Chan Chow Hee (EighthInch)
3- Syafiq (WildDogs Brigade, KL)

Highest Bunnyhop
1- Aaron Chan Chow Hee (EighthInch)
2- Jaka Indra (WildDogs Brigade, KL)
3- Najib Aziz (Gremlins, Putrajaya)

Tracksstand competition
1- Jaka Indra (WildDogs Brigade, KL)
2- Sadad Phanoppa (WildDogs Brigade)
3- Najib Aziz (Gremlins, Putrajaya)

I gotta say, it was a nice way to start Ramadan.

Peace, FN.