Its been a while since we had any updates. But rest assured, we’ve been busy. So in the mean time, check out our riders tumblr blog.


He’s been around the scene for quite some time. He’s been advocating safe cycling and also a major spokes person for the fixed gear community in KL. You might have seen him on the television as well. Shairazi Sulastry (or more fondly known as GG) is one of the founders of TheSecretService KL (We heard that they’re in the midst of setting up their own blog so watch out for it.) Follow his updates on his various night rides in town, photos, people he meets and also his designs.


Images of various bikes and also their owners, Pedal Malaya is maintained by Shidi. You can find him at Grafa from Thursdays to Sundays, and he is more than happy to expand his bike portrait collection. (Just make sure your bike is properly set up with toeclips and straps or brakes.)