This video totally blew our collective minds away. Here’s a video from our friends down south. And the video featuring a whole load of aggressive riding, and the intro was a nice touch.

Mad kudos to the production team. Ayie and Firdauz, you guys are awesome. (but maybe next time, we suggest that you might want to strap on your helmet)

Grip Reaper isn’t just a name, it represents who we are, and what we believe, our passion, lifestyle and commitment. Because aggressive riding is never a crime. Our progression recline with the principle of street art movement and trashin’ tunes of rebelliousness. From the street to the streets, southern style.

Be it, tricking or commuting, as long as that cog locked on that wheel, we are on your side. To get in contact with them:, and look them up on facebook [Grip Reaper].