Being one of the first ones around when RATSKL was formed, it’s easy to pick Narc (Naqiuddin Tajuddin) out of the pack of the usual RATSKL riders.

He’s usually the first one to lead the pack and attacks routes like a rabid wolf. And as you can see, he puts a lot of work into his passion for cycling.

This is the first collaboration between Faz and THESECRETSERVICE KL. Be sure to keep a look out for more awesome stuff from both of them. And believe us, there’s more to come.

*THESECRETSERVICE KL is a design and apparel company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their  first batch of cycling jerseys and basic black ride t-shirts will be coming out this December. Follow them on twitter (@THESCRTSRVCKL) and on facebook (TheSecretService KL).