Instead of the usual bikechecks ,random photos etc,we’ll be featuring something different this time around. For your info, other than us Rats, there are also other bike crews here in Malaysia.Featured today are the Southern Fixed crew from the southern part of Malaysia, Johor,hence the name.

With quite a strong following, the Southern Fixed guys are known for their aggressive style of riding. Ya’ll can checkout some pictures and videos that they have up on their tumbler page southernfix.tumblr.com.

Also being located so close to Singapore, these boys occasionally get to rip up the streets of the lion city!So if any of you all are interested in Kuda Kepang lessons or are heading down south , look out for these guys up.

Duraath +6019 786 7637

Khairil +6012 794 0364

They’ll show you how they do it in the south.Check out some of their cool photos,and videos.