i was selling my old steel raleigh road frame the other day. surprisingly within the first hour i put up the ad, a guy called to get to know more about the frame. i stated in the ad the USP(?) of the frame is its campy dropout (of course vintage was the first in the line but yeah, overrated) since that’s the only thing that i can think of to get people interested. besides, i couldn’t find the name of the model! my conversation with that guy lasted for a good half an hour. he’s into vintage roadbikes and a collector. he was excited to give the frame a new life with mostly NOS parts. we ended up talking about tubes rather than that campy dropout i was promoting (haha!). it was a healthy conversation about tubes which i think is rarely talked about. especially in the fixed gear scene, most of us dig vintage steel track frames but do we care about what tubes were used? we all know that the decals on the frame says so but do we know what those reynolds’ numeric codes and columbus’ EL MAX SL means? the only thing i can tell about my old raleigh tube is that it’s reynolds 531. personally, with the connection of reynolds, raleigh and 60’s jaguar e-type, i think it’s a shame that it was the only thing i knew.

so here goes some lazy homework on columbus, reynolds 531, 4130, 6061, 7075. perhaps this might help you to avoid from buying a wrong frame/bike for wrong use or you being wrongly abused.

and sorry to that guy for selling the frame to some other kid who sounded less professional, more fun and asking for cheaper price because he’s a student. i don’t know…just seemed right.