People at MKE are really taking fixed gear to the next level. The Bruiser, designed with new geometry that gives you a feeling of its own, not like a track frame that can handle tricks. not just that, MKE also offers awesome custom paint job. i’ve read john prolly’s blog about the new Bruiser colorway, neon red fork with a gloss black undercoat and a red flake clear coat but at that time i thought it’s just another colorway. but i was wrong.

the latest customized zebra fork is just an example of how serious they are in fulfilling your desire. check out MKE’s website; besides just filling up color codes you want in the pre-order form, they give you a chance to tell any special instructions on the paint job(in less than 250 characters) and also finishing suggestion! unfortunately medium size frames are out of stock, will be available in october..anybody?

check out the demon steed, zebra-striped, burd’s bruiser, and MKE’s Flickr. and yeah i forgot to mention the gyro tabs, removable 990 brake mounts(under seatstay for rear!) and enough room for 45c tyres…seriously, anyone?